Can The Back Part of A Cheekbone Reduction Be Stabilized By Plates?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a very particular question regarding cheekbone reduction fracture. I had cheekbone reduction abroad where they pushed the sides of the arch of my cheekbones in to make my face narrower. However, the posterior end of the arches somewhat move outward on and off a bit, making my face wider. I was wondering if it was possible to place plates on the posterior ends of the zygomatic arches to keep them in. Thank you.

A: When it comes to cheek bone reduction osteotomies, the posterior end of the zygomatic arch is cut and moved inward. Many times a small plate with screws is placed to keep it positioned inward. This may not be necessary if a larger plate with screws is placed on the anterior cheek osteotomy. But if there is persistent mobility and rocking of the posterior segment, it can be stabilized secondarily. The best fixation method to stabilize it inward is to make a small step plate and secure wit with a screw to the remaining temporal process of the zygomatic arch. The bent step plate is then used to push the posterior end of the zygomatic arch inward and keep it from moving back outward.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana