Can The Asymmetric Flat Spot On The Back Of My Head Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve been reading on your website and found a lot of interesting information. I was looking at pictures for patients, but did not see any that resemble my condition. Do you have any with flat spots that have been filled out in the back of the head? From what I have gathered while reading your site, you can only build out up to 10 cm. I’m just trying to picture how a fix for my condition would look after. My head is normal except for the back and then it has a slope. However, the slope is not uniform. It’s less of degree on one side vs the other. So from the top down there is a slope in the back, but from left to right it is almost like it is angled. Meaning if you looked at me from the back, the right side is not as sloped as the left. In fact, the right side is a little more “normal” I guess. Thanks for your help and information.

A: The most common skull augmentation procedure that I do is an occipital cranioplasty for a flat spot on the back of the head. You are correct in assuming that the buildup would be about 10 to 12mm maximum. Much greater buildup than this may pose problems with incisional scalpclosure or undue tension on the wound which usually lies directly over it. Bony asymmetries are dealt with by a differential application of the material.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana