Can Temporal Reduction Be Done On The Front Part Of The Muscle?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello doctor.Am a big fan of yours from The East. I am personally interested in the surgery that you perform as the name of temporal muscle reduction,as I am also not pleased with my wide head width. 

Also there are some doctors who perform this surgery in the country where I live,they seem to be more passive about the muscles reduction it self. 

Have you performed this surgery on Asian Americans as well?If so,please let me know. 

Also,I would like to know what surgery I can take rather from malarplasty,as my facial width is quite wide and I dont like how low my IPD is.A selfie of my midface is attached. 

I hope to hear reply from you ASAP. God bless you.

A:The location of the temporal muscle to which you have drawn is the anterior portion of the temporal muscle. Unlike the posterior temporal muscle (the muscle portion above the ears), the anterior temporal muscle can not be reduced by the same technique (total excision) and can only be reduced in a very limited amount, probably not an amount you would consider to be aesthetically effective.

For the zygomatic arch width beneath the anterior temporal muscle there is only the cheekbone reduction procedure (malarplasty) that can effectively reduce facial width.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana