Can Temporal Implants Affect Facial Expressions?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Would temporal implants cause any facial muscles movments difficulty? For example, it wouldn’t look natural when doing facial expression?

A: Temporal implants are placed in a subfascial position over the temporalis muscle. The temporalis is a muscle of mastication (chewing) not of facial expression.  It can not affect any aspect of how the face moves in making any form of facial expression. The temporalis muscle is attached to the lower jaw and it major responsibility is in elevating or closing the lower jaw. But since the immplant sits on top of the muscle (but under its fascia) it causes no interference with jaw movement or jaw closing either.

Temporal implants are designed to be add visible volume to the temporalis muscle in the area above the zygomatic arch and to the side of the eye. It is maintained in its subfascial location by being bigger than the circumference of the space inside the zygomatic arch and the bony coronoid process beneath it. Because the implant is smooth the temporalis muscle glides smoothly under it without interference or scar contracture. Its add permanent volume which makes it superior to temporary fillers and fat injections.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana