Can Temporal And Sagittal Ridge Reduction Be Done A The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, the sides of my head stick out and are very round. But if I pull my jaw down the sides go flatter as shown in the attached picture. Hopefully this could be corrected with some type of temporal manipulation? Also I have a pointy sagittal ridge which hopefully could be rounded off. As you can see in the attached picture if I pull my jaw down and put my hand on the sagittal ridge I feel my head has a more aesthetically pleasing shape. This in my mind is achieved by flatter sides and a rounded top of the head instead of a point. Lastly I had put a side profile as I’ve got a mild lump that sticks out which hopefully could be smoothed out . Could you tell me if these correction are possible?

A: Unfortunately your pictures are so cut off (cropped) that I can tell very little from them. But by description, temporal muscle reduction would be helpful as you can see that this is a muscular problem as evidenced by when the muscle is lengthened by jaw opening. Since it appears some of the pictures did not come through, I can not comment on the skull issues other than to say that their description sounds very typical for being capable to be corrected by bone reduction. (sagittal ridge reduction)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana