Can Skull Reduction Cause Hair To Regrow?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Have you had cases where any of your scalp bone lowering surgeries such as “sagittal crest reduction” , “Sagittal Dimple Correction” or by making the scalp flat at the top caused hair to regrow with people that had male pattern baldness?

Because i think that scalp bone growth plays a huge role when it comes to male pattern baldness and me myself i suffer from scalp bone growth like extensive sagittal crest growth and at these same spots it looks as if male pattern baldness occurs.

Have you had reports and results from people that they also got hair growth after having had a surgery for scalp bone lowering?

A: Your question is a good one and is not the first time this conjecture has been posed. Unfortunately no patient has reported to me that hair regrowth has occurred over any area of skull reduction to date. This does not mean it may not have occurred, just that it has never been brought to my attention.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana