Can Silicone Injections Be Reduced By Steroid Injections?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I got silicone injections in my hips. I like the results but the left side is just a little bigger then the right. Do you know if you can get Kenalog injections to bring this bigger hip down? A plastic surgeon told me that he can try to make a incision and try to suck some of it out.. please get back to me. Thanks.

A: You can not remove or reduce silicone injections by steroid injections. Silicone oil is not like your natural fat tissue. It is a natural element (number 14 on the periodic table) that can not be broken down nor can your body absorb it. The tissue reactions to it can be treated by steroid injections such as scar or over reactive granuloma formations. But steroids will not make the silicone oil change it any fashion.

What the steroid injections can do is that they may make things worse as it resorbs fat and leaves the lumpy silicone behind. This steroid injections is an uncontrolled method of tissue management and I would be very cautious with it. The only way that hip area can be safely and effectively reduced is by liposuction as a plastic surgeon has previously recommended to you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana