Can Silicone Breast Implants Be Put In Through An Armpit Incision?

Q: I am interested in breast augmentation and want silicone implants. But I am Hispanic and am very worried about any scars on my breasts. I have been to several plastic surgeons and they all have said that silicone implants need to be put in through an incision on the bottom of my breasts. They say only saline implants can be put through an armpit incision which is what I want. I have had numerous cuts on my body since I was a child and the scars all get dark and don’t go away. So even though the doctors say the scar under my breast will heal and look good, I know better based on my own body’s experience. Is there any way silicone implants can be put in through my armpit?

A: While once very difficult to get any size silicone implant in through the small armpit incision, that problem has now been solved. A brand new insertion or delivery device is now available for silicone breast augmentation. Known as the Keller Funnel, this funnel-shaped wrap allows the implant to be gently squirted into the breast through very small incisions, including the armpit one. Looking like a pastry chef applying icing to a cake, the breast implant is placed into the funnel and then squeezed out of its smaller end. This means not only can even large silicone breast implants be put in through smaller lower breast crease and nipple incisions, but they can now routinuely be inserted through an armpit incision as well. This will be of great interest to non-Caucasian breast augmentation patients, particularly those of Hispanic ethnicity who tend to get scar hyperpigmentation. The other great benefit of Funnel Breast Augmentation is that the implant is not touched from the product packaging to the breast pocket. This also reduces the risk of infection after breast augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana