Can Shoulder Reduction and Rib Removal Surgery Be Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 45 year old transsexual woman, 178cm and I wish to have the shoulder reduction and also rib removal surgery to have a more feminine waistline. I wanted to know if these surgeries can be combined together in a single surgery. I wanted to ask questions: – How long will I have to stay in your clinic? – how long will I have to stay in America for convalescence after the surgery and how long (after the surgery) will I be able to get on a plane to return home in Europe – I will have to face about 9 hours of travel by plane (plus another 3 hours by car to return to my city), after how much time will I be able to do it. – do you have hotels you can rely on to arrange surgeries for people coming (like me) from abroad?. – How long will I have to stay in America in general to be sure I don’t have complications before getting on a plane to Italy?. – What is the overall budget I will have to rely on during my stay in America?

A: Shoulder reduction and rib removal can be done during the same surgery.

The key to doing both is to properly prepare for the immediate recovery. It is most ideal to have someone with you as that will shorten your stay here and aid getting back home. (7 to 10 days minimum) If you do not have someone it is going to take longer until you are ready to go back home. (14 to 21 days)

Dr. Barry Eppley

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