Can Sagging On My Lower Buttocks Be Fixed After A BBL Surgery With A Lower Buttock Tuck?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am inquiring about revision to my lower buttocks. I had a BBL in 2015 and since then I feel as if some of the fat dissolved. I now have a little bit of saggy skin I never had prior. I am not looking to add more size or fat grafting. (I’d like To avoid that if at all possible) However I am interested in fixing the bottom shape of my rear if possible.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures….that was tricky to do but you did a good job with it!

I can see that you have a very long buttocks and some loose skin at and along the ill-defined infragluteal crease. The only way to improve that area is with a lower buttock tuck which is done by excision of the loose skin and placing the scar along the infragluteal crease line.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana