Can Rib Cartilage Be Used For An Injectable Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Q: I found your article fascinating on injectable rhinoplasty. I had a rib cartilage graft done 16 months ago but still have a depression to the  left side of my mid bridge. I have banked rib cartilage left in my chest. Could the same technique be used with rib cartilage?

A: Any source of cartilage can be used in the injectable rhinoplasty technique. That is the very beauty of its use. Whether it be septum, ear, or rib, cartilage of any size or amount can be diced and injected. When an injectable rhinoplasty procedure is used, it is because only a small amount of cartilage is needed for the correction of a precise nasal defect.

Your banked rib cartilage would be a perfect donor source because it is likely more than adequate in the amount needed. It can be diced into a syringeable graft regardless of its present configuration.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana