Can Rhinoplasty Straighten My Nose And Make It Look Less Roman?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I would like to start by saying your website and blog have been so helpful as both a research tool and making me feel so much more comfortable in approaching this issue. It is one of the few sources I have found that really takes the time to properly explain things, that most people in plastic surgery don’t understand. I would like to have more balanced facial features and to improve my asymmetries to improve my facial appearance. I feel that I have a long lower face and chin compared to my forehead, which is very low and slopping. I can’t wear hats and have to spike up my hair all the time so I don’t get teased. I recently lost a lot of weight and with it my cheeks, with used to be very full. But I guess what bothers me the most is my nose – I have a deviated septum which makes me look crooked and my nose is very romanesque in appearance. I think that a rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation would help me best but I’m open to suggestions. I just want to be the most attractive me I can be. From my photos can cosmetic surgery help me?

A: Facial symmetry and proportion are the two most important components of facial attractiveness. In looking at your photos, I would agree that the deviated and dorsal convexity of the nose combined with flat cheeks are the two main areas to try and improve. I would propose a rhinoplasty whose objectives are to straighten the nose in the frontal view and bring down the dorsal line to one that is straight between the frontal-nasal junction and the nasal tip. The tip could also tolerate a bit of thinning as well. For your cheeks, anatomical style cheek implants secured high up along the flat malar prominence will bring some highlights to your midface and more angularity to your face.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana