Can PRP be Used For Lip Injections?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I am interested in using PRP for lip augmentation. I am looking for something more natural and longer-lasting other than the typical injectable fillers. Can PRP be put into the lips and how well does it work?

A: PRP can be injected into the lips just like anywhere else. It is not a question as to whether it can be done but whether it should be done. Will it create a lasting augmentative effect beyond that of a short-term fluid distention is the question. There is no medical evidence that it would nor would I biologically understand why it would. PRP is not a filler material per se but rather an adjunctive healing agent. It has no primary effect on its own such as creating more collagen than would normally exist in an otherwise healthy tissue site. The PRP I have put into the lips has been combined with fat to offer a higher probability of a sustained effect. It is the fat that is the filler and the PRP is added for its theoretical benefit on helping fat cells to survive or in helping stem cells to convert to fat cells. This is the most natural lip augmentation injection treatment but it is unproven as to how sustained or permanent the lip enhancement effect is.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana