Can Premaxillary And Paranasal Implants Be Combined?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Can a combination premaxillary implant and paranasal implant be done?

A: A premaxillary implant is different that a paranasal implant as your question implies. A premaxillary implant goes under the base of the nose in front of the anterior nasal spine. It opens up the nasolabial angle and provides some augmentation of the upper lip. Paranasal implants are different in that they go along the side of the nose to add volume to the flatter or more deficient midface or maxilla. This is above the alveolar level and to the side of the nose. Both implants are used for similar overall facial profile indications…for the patient with a flatter or retrusive midface. These implants actually exist most commonly in silicone are are done as a combined premaxillary and paranasal implant known as the peri-pyriform implant. It can be used to wrap around the entire nasal based or can be cut to be used as separate premaxillary and paranasal implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana