Can Plastic Surgery Help Me Lose Weight And Not Be Fat Anymore?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I am a 35 years old and I am 5’ 7 “and weigh 246 pounds. I am been married for eight years I have three girls. I feel that I’m now really fat because around five years ago I was a size 16. Now I am a size 24 and I exercise and diet and have tried mesotherapy with very little results. I have skin that hanghs over the sides which really bothers me. Can you help me?

A: Based on your height and weight now, you are close to be over 100lbs from your ideal body weight. I suspect that you were never near your ideal body weight by the numbers so that it is not a realistic goal. While weight is just a number, getting you somewhere between 170 and 190lbs ir probably an achieveable weight target. That being said, you are not a candidate for liposuction or any form of excisional body contouring, such as an abdominal panniculectomy, until you reach the 200lb mark. You are simply too big now to get the best benefits out of any form of plastic surgery. You need to consult with a weight loss clinic or specialist as the first step in your potential body metamorphosis begins with a non-surgical weight loss appproach not plastic surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana