Can Paranasal Augmentation Make My Mouth Look Recessed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting paranasal augmentation with you, but I have one main concern. Basically, I’m worried that if I get paranasal augmentation, it will project too far compared to my mouth area and make my mouth look like it’s sunk backwards compared to my paranasal region. Now I’m not referring to premaxillary augmentation, I’m purely referring to augmentation of the sides of the base of the nose, whilst leaving the premaxillary area as it is.

Am I right in saying that if you augment this area, it can cause this part of the face to stick out relative to the mouth? I’m just confused as to how that would work if the centre of the nose base (the premaxillary) around the anterior nasal spine isn’t moved forward.

I guess I’m asking for your general experience on whether purely paranasal augmentation can negatively affect how the mouth appears, or whether that’s something mostly applicable to moving the anterior nasal spine forward when the nasolabial angle is optimal to begin with? To be clear I’m not asking for specific comments about my own case, but rather your opinion on how this thing works.

A: I think your  potential concern is with premaxillary augmentation which is a central midface procedure. The paranasal region lies to the side of the midline and no matter how much it is augmented it can never make the mouth area look recessed. Unlike the premaxillary area which is a projection or structural convexity, the paranasal region is naturally recessed or has a  concavity surface contour.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana