Can Orbital Implants Make My Eyes Look Less Deep?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been doing some research into possible solutions for my area of concern, I have very very deep set eyes that appear quite small in comparison to my face. Do you perform oculoplastic surgery? I have heard of something called orbital implants that act to push the eyes into a more forward position, is this something you have any opinion on, or know of any patients who have had this sort of procedure. I am a young woman in her twenties , I don’t have any issues with loose skin around or above the eyes, just very deep set, an almost beady eye appearance. I have looked into plastic surgery for many years seeking to enhance my facial appearance to look more feminine . My eyes are a really big concern for me.

Thank you in advance for reading

A: For the deep set eye there is no procedures that can physically move the eye forward. It is important to remember that the eye is attached by the optic nerve of a certain length that goes  through the apex of the orbit. You can not bring the eye further forward that what the natural given length of the optic nerve is…without risking blindness

The only potential procedure is to reduce the orbital bone that surrounds the eye. Whether this would be of benefit depends on what your periorbital structures looks like ad whether such reduction would make a visible difference.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana