Can One Have A Plastic Surgery Consult With Dr. Eppley By Phone Or Internet?

Q: I am exploring cheek implants as a solution to my flat cheekbones which i was born with.sunken cheeks (genetic). I live in Pennsylvania and wanted to find out if Dr. Eppley would initially review emailed photos before making an appointment.

A: The concept of  ‘consults from afar’ in plastic surgery was once inconceivable and impractical. But the internet and the ease of photographic acquisition and transfer has changed that perception. Since almost all of plastic is external and very visible, physical and cosmetic issues can now be seen from great distances by simply sending pictures. In fact, the reach of the internet and its virtual no cost has made it possible to connect any two places in the world, at the very least by e-mail.

I regularly (daily ) do internet plastic surgery consultations. Many are from various U.S. states and provinces of Canada but some are from countries around the world ranging from the United Kingdom to China. There are two types of internet consultations. The first type is of an e-mail nature only. Inquiries are initially done by e-mail from which I request photographs for review and possible computer imaging. That may then proceed onto an actual phone call for the next level of more indepth discussion. The other type is a Skype video consultation. Its origin may be from an initial e-mail or from Skype itself. If a video Skype consultation is arranged, then photographs may be bypassed due to actually seeing the patient. However, due to the poorer resolution of many Skype video connections, photographs are recommended to be sent first.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana