Can My Weak Forehead Be Built Up?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My skull shape is rather problematic. I have a weak forehead (probably about 1 inch), the problem is that the top of my head is not round, there is a noticeable gap, once you hit my hairline, my skull goes flat, it isn’t until about 2 inches further that there is a slope where it increases. I could upload and send you pictures so you can see. Would it be possible to actually build up that ‘missing’ forehead? My other question involves my face width from ear to ear. With the weak forehead, and noticeable cheekbones, and jaw…they add up to making it appear as if I am fat. Other than removing buccal fat, is it possible to shave off some of that and moving the bones further in to reduce the width? Thank you for your time.

A: I would first recommend that you send me some pictures for my assessment. But to provide some general comments, the forehead can definitely be built up with cranioplasty material. The buildup can be extended back up into the skull area. This would need to be done through an open coronal (scalp) approach. When it comes to the face, however, such bony width reductions are much more limited and unlikely to be able to do what you want to achieve.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana