Can My Upper Lip Be Made Smaller, My Face Look More Masculine and My Acne Scars Be Treated All In One Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am looking to improve the appearance of my lips, acne scars, and face contouring. I have very large lips and the upper lip is very full and bigger than the lower one, it gives me a duck lip appearance. The upper lip rests above the lower lip instead if the other way around. What would be the best thing to do about that? I have also attempted to loose weight to slim the face yet there is much fat around the lip area and the cheek bone area which does not go well with the full cheeks. I am attempting to achieve a slim-defined male model type of face as well as diminish the appearance of my acne marks. Somehow my facial features don’t mix well with one another. I believe my face is feminine in a way, is there a way to give it a more masculine look?

A: While many people want to achieve an upper lip size that matches the  lower one, you have an opposite concern. The upper lip can be reduced by an internal vermilion reduction to reduce its size and roll back the pout of the upper lip. That leaves any scar on the inside of the upper lip.

From a face standpoint, I don’t see large buccal fat pads to remove but I could see some benefit by perioral liposuction to reduce the perioral mounds out to the side of the lips. While you did not provide a side profile view, chin augmentation with more width and horizontal projection may be more masculinizing for you. But I would need to see some additional photos to be sure that is of benefit.

Acne scars can be improved by fractional laser resurfacing but it is important first to have the acne eruptions under control. With laser resurfacing the ointments needed afterwards as it heals can cause a lot of pore obstruction and an onset of new eruptions.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana