Can My Uneven Brow Bones Be Reshaped?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have an uneven brow ridge with uneven eyebrows (one is flat while one is pexed, makes me look constantly expressive). I want to know if it’s possible to correct the asymmetry of my brows and adjust their position so that they are both closer to my eyes, giving more hooding if possible. I have produced a (poorly edited) morph of the look I would like to achieve. How realistic are my goals? Can it be done with implants/ a solution other than fillers and Botox? Thanks.

A: I find that your eyebrow shape goals are only partially realistic. The first question is about the asymmetry…why does it exist? If it is bone based, as the eyebrows often follow the shape of the bone, then a custom brow bone implant for brow bone reshaping can be done which may also help lower them a bit. If the eyebrow asymmetry is soft tissue based this is more problematic as then only temporary Botox injections can be done. Bit either way it is to possible to move the eyebrows inward or any closer as there is not treatment, non-surgical to surgical that can do so.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana