Can My Sliding Genioplasty Be Revised If It Looks Too Long And Pointy?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a sliding genioplasty surgery about 4 weeks ago, advancing my chin 8mm and 4mm vertically. However, I’m really unhappy about the result as my face is too long and my chin looks pointy whevever I open my mouth. I am 19 years old (male) and would like to know if the procedure can be revised to decrease the vertical height by 2-3mm and the horizontal height by 2-3mm. Please could you advise if this is possible and what the risks are. Attached are photos where it looks too pointy and long. 

Kind regards 

A: Certainly your sliding genioplasty can be revised/positionally adjusted. I suspect it is largely the vertical lengthening that is at fault but moving it back a 1mm or 2mm would not hurt either. I would say the most significant risks of the procedure have already passed (permanent nerve injury) so a secondary early genioplasty does not increase that risk since the bone cut has been already made. You just need a new plate (6mm one) and some allogeneic bone chips to ensure good bone healing.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana