Can My Silicone Implant Be Removed Through A Rhinoplasty Approach?

Q: I have been researching for the options to remove the silicone on my nose bridge. I saw some chat group people talking about Korean plastic surgeons removing injected silicons from the nose bridge from inside of the nostrtil and implanting a new bridge at the same time, supposedly leaving no visible scar left after the surgery. As far as I have seen, this approach seems like only available in South Korea, Thailand and Singapore so far. What is the feasibility of using this method in U.S?  Will this be easier than accessing the injected silicon from behind the hair line? I will continue to search options. Hope I will not have to go overseas to remove the little piece of silicon. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

A: What is not clear in your inquiry is whether the silicone that in on your nasal bridge is a solid implant or is from silicone injections. Furthermore, I am assuming when you say nasal bridge you are referring to the length of the nasal dorsum as opposed to just the nasal bone area at the upper one-third of the nose.

Regardless, a nasal approach to its removal would be certainly be preferable and easier. Whether this is best done through a closed or open rhinoplasty approach is not clear just based on the information you provided. I see no reason or benefit to using a superior or scalp approach for its removal.

Immediate replacement with another nasal dorsal implant, if desired, could also be done at the same time as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana