Can My Sagging Chin After Multiple Genioplasty Surgeries Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a genioplasty with iliac bone grafting five years ago. The result was disastrous. I got a long and prominent chin and it was so completely different than I planned. After that, I had several revisions to get an imprrovement. For example the jaw bone had been suspended back and I also I had a chin reduction. This resulted in an unpleasant scar under my chin. Now the chin soft tissue is scarred and hanging down. If my mouth is closed I feel a strain on the chin muscle. During relaxation my lower lip hangs down showing my bottom teeth. The mentalis muscle shows a strong contraction.

I couldn´t find any surgeon who had enough knowledge in this specific area of genioplasty revision and chin ptosis. In various discussion forums about this topic I came across your name. I hope that your skills and experience in this special field could be helpful in my case. Is there any possibility to solve my problem and what could this be? What is the probability of improving my situation? Your help would be very much appreciated. I have attached some pictures for you to see my chin problems.

A: Your chin surgery history and outcome has certainly been that of a nightmare. What you currently have is chin ptosis with severe contracture. What need is an intraoral approach to  release the scarred chin tissues, mentalis muscle resuspension with suture anchors and a V-Y vestibular closure. Your submental scar should also be released and revised. The divot (indentation) in your chin would be treated by the placement of a small dermal-fat graft at the same time. All of these procedures would be done simultaneously address all of your current chin problems. My experience in doing these chin ptosis repair procedures is that improvement is always obtained, it is just a matter of the degree of improvement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana