Can My Sad and Tired Eye Look Be Improved By Orbital Rim Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Here you will find attached some crude pictures of myself on the webcam. They are not the highest resolution but it might give you a first impression. I personally think that the overall look of my eyes and eyebrows is a bit sad or tired. I thought of rim implants to push forward and fill a bit the depression  and also maybe reduce the scleral show? Not really sure if  its possible or if I will go for a tilt of my eyelids as I think that a simple narrowing will do. I was also curious about what a jaw angle implant could do for me even though some how I’m not so concerned about it overall. Please feel free to comment. For me this is more of a structural improvement rather than an anti aging procedure I am seeking as look younger than my actual age. Any procedure that you think could be beneficial to make me look more handsome without obvious work being done is welcome. Thank you for your advice and time.

A: Thank you for sending the detailed pictures. It shows that you have a recessive infraorbital rim-malar region which you already know. This is why you have undereye hollowing and weak lower eyelid support with some mild scleral show. Orbital rim implants do add volume in this area and can provide a bit of an upward push to improve lower eyelid support and position. This may provide a bit of decreased scleral show in which  a lateral canthal tightening or adjustment is a good combination with them.

While jaw angle implants can provide some significant lower facial changes, you do not consider them on a casual basis. They are the most difficult of all facial implants to undergo and recover from so you have to be really motivated to undergo their placement. Since you are not concerned about the jaw angle at all, this is not a procedure to consider for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana