Can My Prominent Pubic Bone Be Reduced?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My pubic bone protrudes by about an inch instead of lying flat against my body (I am certain this issue is due to the bone rather than an overly fatty mons pubis as I am slim and cannot feel much fat there). I find this very unflattering and feel reluctant to wear swimsuits and leggings. Is there any way to safely reduce the size of this bone? Perhaps through bone shaving? Or through reducing the length of the bones that lead to the pubic symphysis? Could this have any adverse effects on sex or pregnancy? I know of many other women through online forums who share this issue and know that a monsplasty would not make a difference. I have attached a picture of someone else’s. Mine is larger. 

A: The height of the pubic bone is the pubic symphysis, an actual joint between the two pelvis bones. The height of its protrusion is consistent in women with being at the level of the clitoris. While this union of the two pelvic bones may indeed be a primary source of your protruding mons it can not be surgically reduced. Besides having numerous suspensory ligaments attached to it, maintenance of the joint surface are essential for weight transfer while walking for example. Thus the only mons reduction procedure you can do is small cannula liposuction which, while not creating a perfectly flat mons profile, does always make a difference of at least 50% of its projection in my experience.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana