Can My Misshapen Skull Be Reshaped?

Q:I would like my cranium to be more symmetrical. I didnt notice how misshapen it was until I started going bald. The shape is extremely incongruous with my handsome face. I would love to have a consult via skype. thank you for your time.

A: The true shape of one’s skull (cranium) often remains hidden under the cover of hair. For women this rarely becomes a subsequent issue as their hair pattern and density is more stable. This accounts for why I have had very few adult women requesting any skull reshaping procedures. For men, however, close-cropped hair or an eventual bald pate makes the shape of the skull very obvious. This is particularly true when it comes to the back of the head or the occipital region.

While loss of hair makes the skull shape more obvious, it also limits what can be done from a surgical reshaping standpoint. The use of scalp incisions and the subsequent scar must be considered as an aesthetic trade-off for a abetter shaped skull. For many men, this trade-off may not be a good one.

Skype is a wonderful to communicate for potential plastic surgery patients. It allows patients to ask questions and get answers from an expert from the convenience of their own home. I always ask patients to send me some pictures of their concerns beforehand so I can have a good idea during our online discussion. If one has a webcam that is even better as a video consult is the most interactive and informative.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana