Can My Medpor Jaw Implants Be Successfully Removed and Replaced?

Q: Dr. Eppley, What would be the process be like to design new implants precisely if I already have other implants that cover my own jaw?

Even if i have had the implants for almost 9 years now, could they be safely removed and replaced with new ones in the same operation? I have read that when removing medpor implants the bone and soft tissue itself can be detached, so this aspect worries me quite a bit. Does Dr. Eppley have experience removing this type of implants in the mandibular angles succesfully?

Finally, approximately how long it would take for the swelling to go down significantly?

Thanks in advance.

A: With Medpor implant replacements there is no designing implant replacements precisely because they can not be seen on a 3D CT scan unlike other materials. Unless they were custom implants originally, where their exact designs were known before placement, there is no way to know see the implants now on the bone.

I have removed hundreds of Medpor facial implants and they can always be successfully removed…albeit with more trauma to the tissues than when they were placed.

Medpor Implant replacements will have similar swelling and recovery period as the original implantation surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon