Can My Lower Lip Be Moved Back Surgically? (lLower Lip Setback)

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had one question about a procedure. I am wanting to augment my chin in profile view. I noticed my bottom lip protrudes out a bit past the upper lip, which ruins the harmony of the side profile. I wondered what is the procedure to fix this? My bite is slightly not aligned so would aligning the teeth make the bottom lip sit back more? Or is the chin not lacking enough projection giving the illusion? I have attached an image. My goal is to have the upper lip and lower lip equal in protrusion or upper lip slightly more protrudes and have the chin more projected. What recommendations do you have?

A: There is no surgical procedure to move your lower lip back. (lower lip setback) Lip positions are controlled by the teeth behind them. Dental realignment may offer some improvement in that regard or even a lower jaw setback procedure…neither of which you ned based on your current dental alignment/bite relationship.

While a lower lip can be surgically reduced in size, this will not necessarily move it back. (posterior respositioning) 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana