Can My Lip Lift Result Be Improved?

Q:  I had a lip lift performed several months ago. I have attached some before and after pictures. As you can see the incision isn’t on the borderline and its now indented and puckers. I’m really so unhappy and paranoid with the scar and am now so desperate for revision. I was so impressed with your website you actually used 48 stutures on the womens top lip,  I did count 🙂 In my surgery the surgeon only used 8 stiches.  as you can see in the pics. In you lip lift proceedure do you actually cut right through all the skin lares? Only when I had my lip lift surgery the surgeon did numb my upper lip with a dental block, but the pain was still horrendous.  Also as I wasn’t having my bottom lip operated on it wasn’t numbed, therefore I actually felt my actual top lip resting (flipped over) onto my bottom lip.  Is this normal procedure to actually sever top lip so completely that it is able to flap over like that? What I’m asking really is do you cut so deep and if so do you place internal stiching of any kind? Its all a bit complex for me but I really need to know the whole procedure. Thank you in advance and looking forward to your reply.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. Technically, what you had done is known as a lip advancement or vermilion advancement. A true lip lift is done with an incision under the nose. I prpare patients with a dental block first and then inject directly into the upper lip once one is numb. It should be a virtually painless procedure to go through after the dental blocks and local infiltration. During the procedure, only full-thickness skin is removed and no underlying muscle. There is a two -layer closure with some deeper sutures for the dermis and fine sutures for the skin closure.

Your scar is a bit wide and indented compared to a typical result lip advancement result in my experience. That could easily be improved and a little more skin removed and more of a cupid’s bow made to get a better result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana