Can My Jaw Implant Surgery Be Done Under IV Sedation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, for my chin and jaw angle implant surgery I have couple of questions. I had originally mentioned the idea of some liposuction below the Jaw line/ chin and wanted to see if you thought that was still an option( especially if it could be done through the chin implant incision.) Finally, any ideas of a realistic downtime from work? Would 3 weeks be enough to be off work and able to go back without looking extremely swollen? Also can the surgery be done under IV/ twilight sedation?  Thanks again for your time. Thanks again 

A: In answer to your questions:

1) Submental liposuction can certainly be done at the same time with access through the same incision as that of the chin implant.

2) The vast majority of the swelling from this type of surgery is from the jaw angles and you are correct to assume that 2 to 3 weeks is enough time for you to look normal, even though the final details of the result will take months to fully emerge.

3) This is not a procedure that is done under sedation anesthesia. Lifting the large masseter muscles off of the mandible is less than a pleasant experience to place the jaw angle implants. This is a procedure that requires general anesthesia to be done correctly.

Dr. Barry Eppley