Can My Frontal Bone Defect Be Fixed Without A Scar?

Q:  Hey! I have large indentation on the right side of my frontal bone. It is becoming noticeable since I have started losing my hair. I am wondering if it is possible to correct it without any visible scars. Thanks and.hope to hear from you soon.

A: For select cranial defects, the use of the new Kryptonite bone cement may make it possible to fill out or augment deficient bony areas. Because of its flow characteristics, it can be injected through long small plastic catheters into cranial areas from a small incision placed in the most inconspicuous location as possible. Studies have shown that it is injectable through catheters as as small as a 12 or 14 French size. (roughly 4 to 5mms internal diameter) Once injected it can be molded through the skin from the outside until it steps up into a firm consistency.

When defects are present on the frontal bone, it is important to recognize the exact location if this injectable technique is to be used. Defects that exist between the anterior temporal lines are bone-based and can be augmented by onlay bone materials. If the forehead defect extends beyond the anterior temporal line, this area is covered by the upper edge of the temporalis muscle. While the temporal muscle can be lifted up and material added onto the bone, this is not possible with a limited incision injectable treatment method.  Defects that extend into the temporal area require the more traditional open scalp incision for access and wider exposure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana