Can My Forehead Scar Be Improved With Scar Revision?

Q: I was wondering if a scar on my forehead can be improved by plastic surgery. Two years ago, I fell and had a deep cut into between my eyebrows. Even though it was stitched up in an emergency room, it has still left a very noticeable scar. Because of where it is located next to my eyebrow, it always looks like I am frowning even though I am not. I am only 29 and don’t want to look like I am scowling or have wrinkles at this age. Would scar revision be helpful?

A: Scars are particularly noticeable when they are in unnatural locations. Whle most people will eventually develop some vertical lines between their eyebrows due to excessive muscle activity (expression), that is not a ‘natural line’ for a younger person. Having seen such scars in this are before, they are noticeable because they are indented along the scar line. This creates a vertical groove which can certainly look like a deep glabellar furrow or wrinkle.

Unlike expression-induced glabellar furrows, Botox is not an answer because it is caused by injury and scar. The problem is in the skin and not the muscle. Most scars in this area can be significantly improved by surgical scar revision. By cutting out the old scar and closing the line in an irregular (running w-plasty) pattern, the scar will usually become much less noticeable. Not only in the scar line no longer completely straight but it will not indent and be smoother. This simple procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia.

While scar revision is not  a magic eraser, it can reduce its appearance to be much less noticeable.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana