Can My Forehead Scar Be Erased?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am wanting to get rid of a scar on my forehead. Here is my picture and I’m hoping that this is something that you would be able to erase. I hate this scar on my face. I am getting married in three months and I need this scar off so I can look my best for my wedding and pictures. Please let me know how soon I can get in and how many sessions it will take to get rid of it.

A: The scar on your forehead that runs vertically down through your eyebrow and into the top of your nose can definitely be improved. But one reality that needs to be faced about scar treatments is that such outcomes as ‘being erased’, ‘gotten rid of’ and ‘removed’ are not possible. Scars can be improved but, in general, there is no such result as being removed like it was never there. The realistic result of scar revision efforts is to lessen its appearance. Some remnant of the scar will always be there. The features of your scar would be best treated by surgical scar revision and an irregular closure pattern.  Because the scar will be initially red and will take time to mature and lose its color, having scar revision done three months before your wedding is the minimum amount of time you should allow.

Dr. Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana