Can My Forehead Be Reshaped To Get Rid Of My Horns?

Q: I am wanting to get my forehead fixed. It just never grew in right and I have been made fun of since I was a kid. Photos may not look bad but I have been called horn head, hell boy, and square head all my life and I just want it to look a little better. I have two prominent ‘horns’ for lack of a better word on my forehead. I don’t know if these are just bone growths or my brain sticking out. They feel hard though. I have attached a picture so you can see them. Can these be burred down or something to make them look better?

A: Based on the one picture that I could see, it looks like you have two bulges on the sides of your forehead creating that look. These are very much like larger osteomas. The skull is thicker in these bulging areas. Reducing the bony bulges is actually fairly easy by burring them down to make the forehead less square and more round. The trick to it, however, is getting there to do it. The best approach would be a coronal (scalp) incision across the top of the scalp but that resultant scar (fine as it is) may not be a good choice for a male.The other approach is an endoscopic one where much smaller incisions are used. The access is not quite as good but I should still be able to burr down the prominent areas.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana