Can My Facial Scar Be Removed In Time For My Wedding?

Q: I had a bad car accident three years ago which left me with many scars. Most of them are on my arms and back and and don’t bother me much because I can’t see some of them and I am tan enough so that they don’t show. However, the one on my face is awful. It isn’t a flat scar, but more of a jagged edge, indented spot on my face. It looks like a large unnatural dimple when I smile along my jawline. Can this scar be removed? I am planning a wedding for next year and would love scar free photos!

A: In looking at a picture of the scar, it can be seen to be a wide and indented scar along the jawline. Scars that cross the jawline rarely do well because of going over a transition zone between two facial planes and being exposed to tension. This will cause the scar to become wide. I think scar revision can make a big improvement but it is important to realize two important realities about scar revision. First, there is no such thing as scar removal or being scar free. There is improvements that can be made to an existing scar and it is all about how inconspicuous it can be made. But you will always have some permanent scar. Secondly, scar revisions take time to mature meaning that it will be red for months afterwards before the color blends in better to the surrounding skin.With a wedding coming up sometime next year, the sooner you undergo the scar revision the better.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana