Can My Face Be Surgically Changed To Give It the Male Model Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was wondering if it would be possible to have my face scientifically looked at and see if there is a way to maximize my overall sex appeal to women. Like just start measuring things and see what things can be done to make my face super attractive with out just making one feature really big i.e jaw/ cheek bone. Obviously I am looking for permanent results. And i will be testing the overall result of the surgery using Tinder and seeing if there was a marked difference. I have done experiments on Tinder of very attractive men getting 200 matches while i only get 5 a month. Is there any way to enhance the features of my face to make me look like a model without just making one feature larger i.e jawline, cheekbones? Like is there some kind of mathematical formula for figuring out what on a face needs to be changed in order maximize female attraction to it? If all the science says for male faces is make the cheek bones and jawline more pronounced and that is what makes all male faces attractive then I would advise you to look at men who have some what slender jawlines but are still extremely attractive to females such as the model Francisco Lachowski. His jawline and cheek bone is not very pronounced but his midface is very smooth is there any way to obtain this effect?

A: What is possible with your face for aesthetic improvement will require my assessment and computer imaging based on your pictures. While facial improvements are usually possible I would not go so far as to say anyone can be surgically made to create a ‘male model look’ unless their facial features are close to that look initially.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana