Can My Face Be Changed To Look A Lot Like Someone Else With Plastic Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am wanting to change the look of my face I am 20 years old and am very desperate about my appearance. I want to change my facial features like someone else, like maybe a 60% look like that person. I am willing to change my ears and eyes. Is it possible?

A: As a general rule, It is not usually possible for anyone to look like someone else regardless of how much plastic surgery they have. (although there are clearly documented instances where this is not exactly always true as a few people have spent have spent a lot of money on so called celebrity makeovers)  Having said that there are instances where substantial improvements/changes to a face can be made (perhaps a ‘60% look’) based on how close one looks like what their ideal face is. In some cases there may be just a few facial features that is the real difference between two faces and changing these may make that ‘60% look’ possible. I would have to see pictures of your face and your ideal face to see whether such changes may be possible. You have  mentioned the eyes and ears so I am assuming you see these areas as the biggest changes needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana