Can My Eyes Be Made To Have More Of An Upward Outer Tilt To Them?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to get a new shape to my eye that is more narrow and uplifted. I have attached a picture of the kind of eye look that I would like. I was able to create that look by using elastic bands attached to tapes as was seen in a video on Youtube to create an instant ‘facelift’.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. What you are illustrating I would consider an extreme lateral eye reshaping result which I am not sure can come completely from a lateral canthoplasty alone. I know you were using tapes that pulled the corner of the eye AND the skin around it so it made a very artificial and not surgically achieveable look without pulling the temporal skin back with it. That issue aside it does illustrate that a subtle change in the corner of the eye will not be enough for you. The entire lateral canthal tendon will have to be shortened and pulled way back onto (through) the lateral orbital bone to create that much change. While that is possible it is likely to create a skin fold at the corner of the eye that can only be eliminated by combining that with a temporal lift.

Dr. Barry Eppley