Is There An Eye Reshaping To Achieve The Eye Look That I Want?

Q: Can my eyes be made more narrow with an outer tilt to them? How is that done and what is the downtime to do it?

A: One’s eye shape can usually be changed. Depending on your anatomy, that change can be very subtle or more obvious. The first thing I like to know is exactly what a patient’s means when they say ‘more narrow with an outer tilt’. I know what it means to me as a plastic surgeon but I have to be sure what it means to each patient so the changes are what the patient really wanted.

The concept of uptilted eyes, from a plastic surgery perspective, usually means that the outer corner is turned up. In other words, the outer corner of the eye is above the level of the inner corner of the eye. This gives the eyes an inward slant which is often described as being more exotic looking. Giving the eyes such a shape is done commonly with a procedure called a lateral canthoplasty or tendon repositioning. The corners of the eye are held in their position by a tendon that attaches to the bone inside the rim of the eye socket. There is both an inner (medial) tendon and an outer (lateral) tendon.  This procedure repositions the lateral canthal tendon at the outer aspect of the eye. By turning up the outer corners this gives the eyes a more upward tilted appearance. Besides some temporary swelling, and some occasional bruising, there are no bandages or restrictions after surgery. The swelling and bruising will go away in a week or two. The result is immediately apparent.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana