Can My Eyebrows Be Pulled Down Without A Brow Bone Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, -hope you’re doing excellent! Huge fan of your work, as there is a reason you have the credentials/track record you do. (college student-live in Carmel area) Despite never having any cosmetic surgeries, my eyebrows have always been higher-throwing off my facial/width/height harmony. As seen in the first picture, my eyebrows are at there current position. Then, the right and left eyebrow are brought down just by me gently pressing my finger above each eyebrow. I know this seems like an odd request, but my brow bone projection from the side profile seems as if my eyes would be ‘deep set’. Perhaps they already are deep-set, but my eyebrows are just located slightly higher on my brow ridge? I know botox could be mentioned to lower the eyebrows, but would there be any surgical option that is safe/effective long-term? I have analyzed results from different ‘almond eye surgery’ variations, but I believe my overall shape and under-eye support is adequate enough, in your opinion? The lack of lowered brows allows my upper eyelid exposure to be much more visible, throwing off my entire mid-facial measurement. Would there be any way to retract underneath the eyebrows and pull them down towards my eyelid, making them more so “hooded”? 

Appreciate your time, you’re the man!! 

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending our pictures. I believe you have answered your own questions accurately down to the last one. There is no operation that can pull the eyebrows down. While they can be pulled up (browlift) they can not be pulled down. To do so they have to be pushed down by an underlying brow bone implant which would not cause a good aesthetic tradeoff.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana