Can My Eye Socket (Orbital Rim) Be Reshaped So My Eyes Look Less Deep?

Q: I am currently faced with several problems. My face looks wide because I have prominent cheekbones. I have deep set eyes because of very prominent and bulgy orbital rims. It’s not so much the width of my face that bothers me but it brings everything out of place. Because of the small eyes and the rest of my face is pretty crowded together. When looked from the side, the orbital rim covers nearly everything of my eye while other people still have a part of the eye visible. My cheekbones are bulgy both in the front and the side. Is there any procedure to help me?

A: What you are referring to is prominent orbital rims which make up 3/4s of the orbital ‘box’ that encases the eye. When this outer circle of bone is prominent, it makes the eye seem deep or hidden. It is possible to reshape the orbital rims, particularly the brow bone (upper orbital rim) and the side. (lateral orbital rim) It is not so much whether it can be done but whether the trade-off for doing so is worth it. To surgically access this area, a scalp or coronal incision is needed. This allows the skin to be lifted to get to the area for reshaping. For many women this is not a rate-limiting consideration. But for many men it understandably is.

The width of the cheek bone can be narrowed by a vertical wedge bone removal right below the eye bone which is done from inside the mouth.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana