Can My Eye Bags Be Removed At 73 Years Old?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I

Am 73 years old. Is blepharoplasty an answer to my swollen, puffy under eye condition? If they can be removed, will they come back?

A: Lower eye bags are caused by the progression herniation of fat that comes out from under the eyeball. Many people will eventually get them as they age although some people will actually have the opposite effect…loss of fat and deep set eyes with hollowing as they age. A lower blepharoplasty procedure will remove the protruding fat, a little bit of lower eyelid skin and tighten the corners to reduce the risk of a drooping lower eyelid after surgery. Age is not an issue when it comes to having this eyelid procedure only one’s health is. Most lower blepharoplasty procedures need to be done under anesthesia as it is very difficult to keep the eyelid still when you can see what is happening right in front of your field of vision.

Dr. Barry Eppley