Can My Convex Temples Be Thinned?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have rather convex temples that I’d like to be thinned please. My widest points appear to be at the upper squamous temporal parts, between the hairline and the ear (beyond hairline but visible still), and on the latitude 1mm above the brow.

1) If you know roughly which point in the temporal area I’m talking about, is convexity in that area governed by temporalis muscle thickness or convexity of the squamous temporal bone itself. 

2) If it is due to the muscle, then from your experience, is the muscle in that area thick at all? Is 4mm a realistic amount that can be taken off at that very point on either side of my head?

3) If it’s a possible procedure, is it an internationally recognized cosmetic surgery procedure?

A: To answer your questions in regards to temporal reduction surgery:

1) The temporal area to which you refer is exclusively controlled by muscle thickness. The temporal bone is naturally concave in that area and has a little significance on the external shape of the temporal area.

2) The temporalis muscle is an exquisitely thick muscle, easily approximating 10 to 12 mms thickness in that area.

3) Temporal reduction is not a common aesthetic procedure and is probably performed by very few doctors in the world.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana