Can My Chin Implant Be Replaced With A Smaller Better Looking One?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Three years ago, I went to a surgeon who said I needed a facelift, some fat injections in the cheeks and a chin implant for an “inadequate chin“. I told him I wanted some fat injections in the lips as well , but emphasized that I do not want my face to be longer because it was already too long . During the facelift, a medium-size, Medpor button implant was secured in the midline position with a number of 26 mm Stryker screws. It definitely made my face longer. In addition, from the side, the button implant curves out in a funny position, and there is some dimpling of the skin, but that was there before.

My goal is to take it out, and replace it with a much smaller implant that would not be screwed in, be in appropriate shape with the natural projection from the side.

I have frontal, AP , and lateral skull films on CD. The chin problem is definitely a part of the entire facial distortion.

If you have significant experience with revision of excessive cheek fat  injections, would be happy to learn more.

A: Thank you for your detailed surgical history and description of your current facial concerns to which I can answer the following:

1) While your existing chin implant can be replaced with a smaller one of a better shape, it will need to be screwed in as it will otherwise become malpositioned. (smaller implant in a bigger pocket) While an initial chin implant may be capable of maintaining its position due to the created pocket, such is not the case when downsizing a chin implant. (chin implant revision)

2) The best approach to excessive fat removal in challenging facial areas are energy treatments like Exilis or Ultherapy. While that is not the intent of these skin tightening devices, fat absorption is one of their well known adverse effects….which in  your case is a beneficial one. I have seen that successfully done many times.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana