Can My Cheekbone Fracture Be Fixed A Year Later?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I fractured my cheekbone about a year ago, and I definately have noticed a change in it’s appearence compared to the other side, however I believe the break occured on a natural fault line so to speak and I’ve noticed that the bone has not yet joined, I can actually move it out and it will resume close to its normal appearence but the muscles on my face work to pull it back in. I think it’s fixable if I can get some kind of bonding agent to hold the bone in place so it can join. Look forward to hearing from you!

A: Most cheekbone fractures occur along very predictable fracture lines that involve the maxillary sinus and the eye bones. Cheek bone fractures almost always fall downward and inward into the maxillary sinus. It would be highly unusual to still have a mobile fracture a year out from injury…but I have heard of occasional reports of it occurring. To stabilize the fracture in place microplate and screws can be placed from a small incision inside the mouth to stabilize the downward pull of the masseter muscles that you are experiencing That is the best way to stabilize a displaced and mobile cheekbone fracture. There are no bonding agents or glues that are available to hold facial bones in place.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana