Can My Cheek and Jaw Angle Implants Be Revised?

Q: I had cheek implants 3 yrs ago which I am looking at having revised. I am tall and athletic and they are just giving me a bony gaunt look to my face which also makes my eyes appear too far apart. What I really wanted in the beginning were midface implants, but wasn’t able to make this clear with the doctor. They are screwed in and I am wondering if they can simply be reduced or shaven down? Also I have jaw implants and am not happy with the square shape that has resulted from their outcome .

A: Facial implants today come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They are far more versatile than just augmenting the chin, cheeks or jaw angle in a single way. Frequently, I have patients come to my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice that have existing facial implants but did not end up with the result that they wanted. Communication and computer imaging is key in facial bone augmentation with implants.

Both cheek and jaw angle implants can certainly be modified, exchanged, or simply removed. The question for both areas is what is the best strategy to achieve your goals. From a cheek standpoint, you may have been more interested in submalar implants (on the underside of the cheek bone) rather than malar implants which sit on top. They create different looks. With the objective of improving a gaunt looking face, submalar augmentation is preferred. Malar implants will actually make that appearance worse. In jaw angle implants, the size may be too big or their position on the bone may be too high or too low. The style and shape of the implant can also affect how square or sharp the mandibular angle is.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana