Can My Brow Bones Be Built Up To Make My Eyes Look Deeper?

Q:  I am an Asian American wanting to ask question to Dr. Eppley about a procedure. Is it possible to add material to the orbital rim to make it more deep? If so, what material and risks are involved?

A: When asking about building up the orbital rims, this is known as brow bone augmentation. By building out the brow bones, the globe or eyeball, will appear deeper. This is essentially a masculinizing procedure. Any of the cranioplasty materials can be used for brow bone augmentation and some plastic surgeons even use preformed or hand-carved synthetic implants. (which is not a technique that I use) The issue is not the type of material that can be used, since they all can work well, but the approach in which to do it. An incision is needed and the options include a scalp incision (for complete brow bone augmentation) or an upper eyelid incision. (for lateral brow bone augmentation) In a male with a high or variable hairline, a scalp incision is not usually cosmetically acceptable. This is less of an issue for a female.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana