Can My Brow Bone be Lowered?

Q: I am really curious about brow bone shaping. I am wondering if it is possible to lower the brow bone. My concern is that the distance between my eyes and brow bone is very large and therefore my mid face looks very long. I want to shorten this and I think one of the most effective ways would be to lower the brow bone. Is this possible? How is it done, etc?

A: The brow bone is traditionally reshaped because it is too prominent. The so-called Neanderthal look occurs due to excessive growth of the frontal sinus which causes the outer table of the brow bone to stick out. This can be reduced by setting back this outer table of brow bone.

The brow bone can also be built up by various materials should it be underdeveloped or deformed from a traumatic injury.

Lowering the brow bone is a very unusual request as the need to do it is very rare. But the lower edge of the brow bone, however, can be brought lower. This is not done by moving the bone though. The lower edge of the brow bone can be built up with an implant material that is secured to the bone with very tiny screws. The implant is custom-carved during surgery to make an exact as fit as possible. This would be done through an upper eyelid (blepharoplasty) incision. Whether this would actually make the eyebrows look lower or create the effect that one wants is uncertain.

Besides considering a build-up of the lower brow bone, there are other considerations such as dermal-fat grafting to the upper eyelid sulcus which may create the same desired effect. I would have to see photos to make a more educated opinion on what is possible.

Dr. Barry Eppley