Can My Broken and Crooked Nose Be Straightened?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My nose has been broken a couple of times, and I have a deviated septum. I am curious what it would take to straighten everything out–and what it would look like.

A: Based on this one picture, I have done some imaging based on what I think is achieveable in an open septorhinoplasty procedure. Straightening a crooked nose is one of the most difficult challenges in all of rhinoplasty because it is never just one element of the anatomy that is off. It is never simple and requires a complete dismantling of the support structures and rearrangement. This means an open septorhinoplasty with septal straightening and graft harvest, inferior turbinate reductions, nasal osteotomies, spreader grafts to the middle vault, a columellar strut and nasal tip narrowing. As you can see your nose would be much straighter and as assessed by the flow of the dorsal lines from the forehead down to the tip of the nose.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana